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Hello my name is Monika, also known as Movaya and I am a Portrait Photographer.

I delight in capturing the true essence of women and men in photographs, which celebrate and honour their unique nature and immense beauty.

I believe whole heartedly that the key to happiness lies in us fully embracing who we are, and knowing oneself on a deeper level. From my own personal experience, this has led me to understanding this joyful ride called life from a deeper more enriched perspective.

At this point in my life, I feel truly blessed to be actively on my path and am fully committed to empowering people to return to themselves through the magic of photographs. Guiding clients to find their confidence in recognising their own beauty and power through photography is both my mission and passion.

My own personal inner journey (which is never ending but so rewarding!) began some time ago. As some challenges revealed themselves, I discovered an inherent lack of self – esteem and self – love. In nurturing and healing those unloved parts of myself, I was able to return home, to my true nature.

Now I AM HERE FOR YOU – to celebrate you and remind you (in case you have forgotten as we often do!) how beautiful you truly are and how bright you can shine!

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Vision – creating the most wonderful world for all

By reconnecting to our true self (reaching our highest potential) creating from the place of the heart (doing what we love – living our dreams, sharing our gifts) we are directly contributing to creating a better world for all.

We are all limitless beings, so let’s hold this greatest vision of our world together, so that we can bring it into reality.

The bespoke PHOTOSHOOTS I tailor for my clients are therapeutic with sacred space being gently created for women and men to be themselves. My shoots are centred on intuition, intention, trust and feeling safe to be present at the very core.

I offer PORTRAIT, PERSONAL BRANDING photo shoots and PHOTO THERAPY sessions (here we dive deeper into the process, with an invitation to experience an inner journey).

General info:
  • Originally from Lithuania, based in London and always happy to travel. My photo session experiences have lead me to most parts of the United Kingdom and many in Europe. I previously photographed street performers sharing their stories in Spain and also had the privilege to visit and document an adventure in Egypt.

  • After receiving my first camera in 2009, I started experimenting and fully exploring new methods in 2010. Here I gained a thirst and passion for photography which has never left me.

  • In 2014 I graduated from the University of East London with a BA (Honours) in Photography and Art Events Management.


Every journey to healing and empowerment starts with self – love on all levels. That is how my journey began and therefore I feel every bespoke photo shoot I co- create with a client;  is a unique and beautiful opportunity a person is gifting to themselves – to fully love all parts of themselves.

I am incredibly grateful to be your humble guide and look forward to connecting with you!


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