Capturing your true essence in a photograph



Monika is one of the most beautiful intuitive people I know. She has the most incredible way of making you feel at ease when you are working with her and she sees beyond the surface and brings out the truest, strongest elements within you into each photo she takes. I am so grateful for the photographs Monika took, I normally feel reluctant to be in front of a camera, but Monika made me forget she was even there and I loved the images she took. I could not recommend her highly enough.


Photo Therapy day with Monika has been truly transformational for me. Transforming from slightly anxious and fearful about showing myself and allowing myself to be seen, to truly stepping into my power, my wisest self. Monika makes you feel really safe and comfortable, grounded so that you feel free to express your authentic self, allowing your light shine brightly and celebrate you for a day.


Having photos taken in a ‘shoot’ setting previously had always felt a painful process to me, something I used to dread – a mask I used to wear. But now after spending an afternoon with Monika, I feel l as if I have healed years of fear and anxiety about having headshots taken!

Monika’s natural warmth, good humour and intuitive approach meant she was able to help find the ‘real’ me in pictures. I felt so relaxed and at ease throughout. Through, scents, crystals, instruments, all the objects Monika welcomed me to bring along – plus the variety of wonderful locations – enabled the shoot to flow into something really quite beautiful.

It has been my first time in working with a photographer that it felt like a co-creation between us – rather than feeling disempowered (rushed with time/given feedback that didn’t resonate.) I suddenly felt empowered, free and able to let my true shining self out!

This shoot was 100% photo’therapy’ for me, as it has healed an old phobia, was a breath of fresh air and an incredibly fun day out! I cannot recommend working with Monika more highly. She is, quite simply, an absolute angel with the eyes to see and the heart to feel what is truly real and capture true magic within people.


Having a photo shoot with Monika was truly a healing experience. Even though I didn’t know her before the session she seemed to have insight into me and seemed to sense what was needed in each moment to bring the best out of me. She made me feel so comfortable and accepted, like she could see the beauty in me that I needed to connect with and it helped me to see that beauty in myself and express it to the camera. She was reassuring, sensitive and kind at all times. She was relaxed about situations that could have been seen as obstacles. We just went with the flow and the day proved to be magical and we got the shots we needed in a playful and natural way. I would highly recommend her to any one who needs photos taken. She was a delight to work with.


Working with Monika was a delight: she isn’t just a photographer who takes fabulous pictures, she is the expression of softness and bliss and so being around her made me feel at home. By being so allowing and patient, she created a space where I managed to go WITH-IN and I become WITH-OUT the expression of my true essence. I enjoyed it very much and I recommend her 200%!!! Thank you, Monika, when I look at the pictures, I smile and that is a big achievement for me. Deep Love and Gratitude.


I released what needed to be released, I set intentions and recharged my energy. I am feeling fantastic! This experience set me free, I received more than I expected and surprisingly had no blocks to be in front of the camera. The start of the photo shoot was magical and Monika not only listened, she just knew 100% what I needed. Wow, wow, wow. Thank you.


I had such a wonderful experience with Monika on my shoot yesterday. She creates a really relaxed environment in which to shoot and knew exactly how to get the best photos following the brief that I gave her. In addition to this, she really thinks outside the box and made some great suggestions that I wouldn’t have thought of myself but which worked brilliantly. I would thoroughly recommend!



It was such a pleasure to work with Monika and she held the perfect space for my photoshoot.

She really connected to my mission and took the time to understand me and my business. She was dedicated to making the day perfect and helped me choose the perfect environment.

The whole experience from beginning to end was so professional and seamless. It wasn’t just a photoshoot- it was an experience unlike any other and it was truly transformative.

Monika has amazing energy and is such an empowering person. I would highly recommended her services.


Monika is truly amazing at what she does. I generally do not enjoy having my photos taken at all, but Monika completely put me at ease and made the whole experience really enjoyable. I love how she helps you connect to your true essence and then manages to portray this through her photography. It is truly a gift! Monika uses her intuition to guide you through the shoot and is super friendly, personable, fun and supportive. I can’t recommend her enough!


Working with Monika was one of the best and most rewarding decisions I’ve made for myself and my business. I never really liked having photos done, as I always felt a bit awkward and unsure. Monika, however, was able to help me step away from those feelings and make it a natural and fun experience. I will definitely work again with her in the future. If you ever feel unsure about having photos done – Monika is definitely your go-to person.


So much more than just a photograph! Monika spoke so much about my intentions and vision when guiding the session it was almost like a dialogue with my higher self. The session became a reflection of where I have been, and where I want to go. She left me with amazing photographs and also the priceless reminder that I am worthy, that women have power, and if ever there was a time to unleash it… It is now!


I experienced such a beautiful, grounding and 100% intuitive shoot with Monika a couple of weeks ago. She is incredible to work with – fun puts you completely at ease and knows what she’s doing! During the shoot, I was able to connect back in with myself and nature. One of the best gifts you could give yourself / your business, especially if you’re a small business/creative/spiritual entrepreneur.


Working with Monika made me realize the gallows that dwell within me .. A perfect tune a Mutual synergism .. how to touch my Divine Essence and capture those Color-coded Images and Energetic Vibrations… a state of Ecstasy…

Thank you at every opportunity .. thank you for our Encounter …


This collaboration brought forth a different perspective of expression of myself. It allowed me to let loose and go into my zone of contemplation, meditation, movement.  Monika’s open and meaningful way of photography is unique, encouraging, and she creates a safe space to interact to let your intentions come to life. You build an easily trusting relationship before you start which makes the photoshoot relaxed and special.


I went to the photoshoot with nervousness. I always felt awkward when taking pictures and thought that I am not photogenic. Well, Monika proved me wrong, she made me feel so comfortable and relaxed while taking photos.


It was a lovely experience working with Monika for my photoshoot, I feel so comfortable and the best thing ever happen I get a chance to be myself which is not possible for me when I’m around other people taking my pictures as I’m a shy person. The outcome of her patience and the way she enjoyed her photography is always awesome and well deserved.


My first ever professional photoshoot with Monika was a very exciting, fun, and eye-opening experience. Her kind and supportive approach truly allowed me to unravel myself: to feel and perceive the side of my own self I never thought I had.


This was my first professional photo session ever and definitely worth waiting. Thank you, Monika, for making it so magical and sacred. Thank you for the most incredible therapeutic experience. There are so many layers of this session with Monika which makes it deep, profound and magical. I highly recommend Movaya photography service for anyone who is longing for depth, truth and inner knowing. It is a journey where encounter with your true essence is inevitable. Enjoy it! My immense gratitude to you, Monika. ✨💖🙏😇

Bella Luna

Working with Monika turned something I had dreaded into a deeply magical and sacred experience. I had been meaning to get branded photos for ages but kept putting it off because I don’t like to be in front of the camera. However, it was time, and after only a few days of asking the Universe for a photographer, I came across Monika in a networking event. She instantly made me feel at ease about the whole process and was very thorough about understanding my brand and all the different concepts I wanted to capture. On the day, we begun our session in ritual (just how I like it!) and the rest of the day flowed with ease and joy. She went above and beyond, ensuring we captured all the shots I required, and she even helped me pick out clothing and props! I am now super excited to have an aligned selection of photos that make me feel professional yet capturing the essence of my mystical, whimsical sides. Thank you Monika, for this gift of seeing myself, through your lens, as the Goddess I am.


When I finally decided to make my website I knew the lady to ask to take my photographs. The day went with such peace and flow. I was nervous at the beginning but as Monika spoke with me and made me laugh I relaxed into the shoot. There was great collaboration between us both of that we both wanted for my website photos. I was very happy with the end result and I cannot recommend Monika enough, she brings joy to her work along with creativity and passion which comes through her photos. Thank you, Monika. Wishing you every success in the future.