Working with Monika was a delight: she isn’t just a photographer who takes fabulous pictures, she is the expression of softness and bliss and so being around her made me feel at home. By being so allowing and patient, she created a space where I managed to go WITH-IN and I become WITH-OUT the expression of my true essence. I enjoyed it very much and I recommend her 200%!!! Thank you Monika, when I look at the pictures, I smile and that is a big achievement for me. Deep Love and Gratitude, Najwa Sound and Soul xxx


My first ever professional photo shoot with Monika was a very exciting, fun, and eye-opening experience. Her kind and supportive approach truly allowed me to unravel myself: to feel and perceive the side of my own self I never thought I had.


Working with Monika was a wonderful experience. We should all take the opportunity to embrace our inner wild woman, and I thank you for giving me that opportunity, as well as lifelong memories smile emoticon beautiful work!


Monika is an amazing photographer, very professional and creative. Her gentle and kind character helps even the most camera shy person to feel comfortable and empowered to express themselves and shine.


I’ve hated having my photo taken before I’ve met Monika. Her approach is thorough yet I have felt gently encouraged during the entire session. She is an enthusiastic and good-natured spirit and she brought out my playful side. There were so many photos I liked afterwards. I also knew immediately which photo was my favourite. I have felt that Monika really listened – that is why she captured on camera what I have described to her with words.


It was a lovely experience working with Monika for my photoshoot, i feel so comfortable and the best thing ever happen  i get a chance to  be myself which is not possible for me when im around other people taking my pictures as im a shy person. The outcome of her patience and the way she enjoyed her photography is always awesome and well deserved.


I recently took part to Monika’s project ‘Women and their inner wild women’, and it was a great experience. She was capable of making me feel comfortable with myself giving me the precious opportunity of getting out my inner wild woman. I was not sure to be able to take part of this project at the beginning, but she led me step by step to help me to find out which was my inner wild part through a synergistic interaction. The experience was really recharging for myself. Just memorable! Thank you Monika.


I loved my photoshoot with Monika! She made it fun and put so much love and attention into it, making sure she was capturing the exact essence I wanted to convey. The finished photos look beautiful. Thank you for going above and beyond to get them exactly right!


This collaboration brought forth a different perspective of expression of myself. It allowed me to let loose and go into my zone of contemplation, meditation, movement. Monika‘s open and meaningful way of photography is unique, encouraging, and she creates a safe space to interact to let your intentions come to life. You build an easily trusting relationship before you start which makes the photoshoot relaxed and special.